Villa Marchionni

Villa Marchionni

Cese dei Marsi, Abruzzo penthouse: 6 / second floor: 4

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A beautiful three-storey villa, just outside the small town of Cese dei Marsi, in Abruzzo, surrounded by a vast garden shaded by tall plants and embellished with paths and flowerbeds. We are in the heart of Marsica, a candidate UNESCO biosphere reserve: fresh air, nature, colors and peace. All around are the Central Apennines mountains, the Monte Salviano nature reserve, with the Palentine caves and the network of panoramic paths of the ancient Abruzzo transhumance. During the day, walks, excursions in the cool to discover ancient villages and streams, or great skiing on the slopes of Ovindoli and Rocca di Mezzo; in the evening, the return to this protected and quiet, very functional place, to a welcoming house, with harmonious paneled facades, full of light and rest. The garden is a perfect oasis for outdoor summer lunches or for breathing in the clear evening air; an ideal place for cheerful games for children, who can admire the sky while swinging on the large swing built especially for this garden.

The penthouse

The house on the top floor of this beautiful villa, just outside the small town of Cese dei Marsi, is a spacious and welcoming apartment/attic with high ceilings supported by cross beams. Large windows overlook the garden and the panorama, welcoming light from the valley and the sky, which reverberates on the yellow-cream walls and white ceilings. We are located in Cese Dei Marsi.

The living room stands out from the rest of the house, featuring bright green painted beams on the ceiling, resting on pastel green walls. Above all, what is striking is the cheerfulness of the collection of vintage objects scattered throughout the house and preserved in the elegant retro display case. And the furnishings are also fun, mostly modern, from the elegant desk to the piano from the 50s, from the rocking chair to a collection of hats from the 50s and 60s. The bathroom is large, with decorated majolica, also flooded it of light. Finally, the kitchen is comfortable and well equipped, for cooking the specialties of these places, simple and delicious, such as sagnette with sauce and potatoes, homemade gnocchi, polenta in many ways and lamb, which is made with cheese and eggs.

The second floor

The apartment on the second floor opens onto a large terrace that looks out over meadows and rolling hills, up to the profile of the mountains. Large windows overlook the garden and illuminate the large rooms furnished with care and cheerfulness. The colors of the rooms play with the contrasts of sage green and blue of the walls and the earth colors of the beautiful floors; the bathroom is spacious and has decorated majolica. A simple kitchen in soft colors offsets the lively living room with the clear green-plum and ocher-fuchsia colors of the walls, which support the white ceiling framed by bright green. On one side, a sofa and plump armchairs to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace on long winter evenings; on the other, the dining table with thin, slightly vintage chairs, for good dinners. Because in these parts we eat sagnette, with sauce and potatoes, homemade gnocchi, polenta in many ways and lamb with cheese and eggs. Not to mention the Summa cooked in the fireplace…