The Villa Sveva cottage

The Villa Sveva cottage

Porto Santo Stefano, Tuscany 2

This cosy, intimate brick cottage is set in the garden of Villa Sveva, on the promontory of Monte Argentario along the Tuscan coast, immersed in over 4000 sqm of terraced vegetation and at a height of 120m above the sea.
Centuries-old olive trees, oaks, elms, laurels, pines and other typical Mediterranean plants such as rosemary, heather, cactus and yucca mingle to create a refreshingly aromatic environment.

Located off the coast are the island of Elba with its Monte Capanne highpoint and two nearby islets; to the left the rocky peaks of the island of Montecristo, followed by the island of Giglio.

When the north wind permits even greater visibility, you can see as far as Corsica. The cottage is a charming little house, well-organised and decorated with hand-painted ceramic tiles and Tuscan terracotta.
It has a private entrance and is set within another property (Villa Sveva) consisting of two apartments, one of which remains at the disposal of the owners, who are not always present. It has a dedicated garden area that ensures the privacy of the occupants of both buildings.

Starting from 140 €/night