Monteleone Sabino, Lazio 4

Pietra e luce, semplicità e calore. Il bruno autentico dei grandi travi di quercia sui soffitti; il rosa pastello del cotto antico sui pavimenti; il bianco candido e riposante del cotone ricamato e del lino sui letti in ferro battuto. A Coerano ogni stanza è un racconto, ogni finestrella un quadro. C’è tanto verde intorno, olivi e querce secolari, boschetti, campi coltivati e, a due passi da casa, le rovine spettacolari dell’anfiteatro romano e del foro dell’antica Trebula Mutuesca.

In the elegant heart of the Eternal City

Rome, Latium 4

The welcoming cosiness of a mansard and the elegance of a sleek contemporary penthouse overlooking the rooftops of Rome.  

La Torretta

Monteleone Sabino, Latium 6

An evocative little residence created from the remnants of a beautifully restored Roman/Medieval tower, with ceilings in centuries-old oak planks, thick stone walls and handmade terracotta tile floors. The rustic antique furnishings complement a massive oak and travertine fireplace. La Torretta looks out over a shady stone terrace with jasmine-covered wrought ironwork that offers a magnificent view of the valley below.


Monteleone Sabino, Latium 6+4

A large 3-storey house built over Roman baths dating back to the 2nd century AD. The broad arched window of its spacious living room looks onto a lush garden; floors are in handmade terracotta and ceilings supported by massive chestnut beams. The kitchen, with its thick masonry walls, occupies a space that once communicated with the Roman era cistern still in use in the garden. Antique furniture, ample windows looking out over green valleys, all combine to create an atmosphere steeped in history and much beloved as a home.

Fonte dei frati (Monks’ Fountain)

Monteleone Sabino, Latium 6

Overlooking a deep, wooded valley, caressed by the shade of hundred-year-old olive trees and the scent of citrus and rosemary, the Franciscan monks of the nearby monastery would come here several centuries ago to do their laundry at an immense, double-basin stone fountain fed by the fresh cold waters of an underground coastal spring, which still stands under the protection of a narrow clay-tiled roof. The nearby swimming pool takes in the sweeping panorama alongside a lovely olive-shaded patio.

Maco’s house

Monteleone Sabino, Latium 6

A lovely cottage built over Roman ruins in the Sabine countryside with spectacular views over the valleys stretching westward towards the setting sun and Rome. An ideal spot for a relaxing holiday immersed in nature, and a perfect base for excursions into the regions of Lazio and Umbria and the city of Rome itself. The house is surrounded by olive groves, and its charming garden is bordered by Roman columns that are most likely the remains of a gateway to the ancient Roman city of Trebula Mutuesca, known today as Monteleone Sabino.

The olive grove house

Monteleone Sabino, Latium 10

This comfortable modern villa has ample interior and exterior spaces with all the comforts;  immersed in nature with a view over the valleys of the Sabine countryside, ancient olive groves and oak woods, and sunsets against the mountain skyline. Surrounded by a charming garden shaded by a colonnade and trees, there is also a large pool where you can enjoy the panorama as you take a swim.

Banchi Nieves, and its 500 years of history

Rome, Latium 4

Antique and contemporary mingle harmoniously here: coffered ceilings cap cosy bedrooms outfitted in contemporary designer furnishings in relaxing, neutral tones; the bathrooms, although extremely modern, retain original geometric tilework; and the refined modern kitchen, equipped with every necessary utensil and appliance, is an invitation to stay for dinner. 

Nel cuore elegante della Città Eterna

Rome, Laztium 4

Questo attico sui tetti di Roma ha un fascino unico, una posizione strategica per godersi Roma e conoscerla in tutto il suo splendore.
La città antica e pulsante di vita è tutta intorno, da casa si può passeggiare a piedi ovunque, e la sera rientrare a riposarsi, godersi il tramonto in terrazza, per poi uscire di nuovo a immergersi nella vitalità scintillante della città.

Breakfast overlooking Rome

Rome, Latium 2

A stunning, spacious, light-filled attic-style apartment with a spectacular view over the rooftops of Rome, all the way to the Capitoline Hill, the Altare della Patria, the Synagogue and beyond.
Situated atop an aristocratic building in the heart of the Jewish Quarter the centre of Rome a short distance from Piazza Campo de’ Fiori and the Colosseum. Wherever you turn, you’re likely to come face to face with “The Great Beauty”: culture, effervescence and the most genuine warmth this splendid city has to offer.

La dolce vita

Rome, Latium 4

This gracious apartment is located in Rome’s Via Veneto, the elegant street immortalised in Fellini’s film by the same name.
Experience life in one of Rome’s most charming, elegant and historic neighbourhoods.
Located a short walk or a couple of metro stops from the Villa Borghese, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and all the city’s main artistic and cultural sites.

In the heart of Rome

Rome, Latium 6

In the ancient heart of Rome, where the buildings of the historic Jewish Quarter, mingle with the noble architecture of the aristocracy, a truly gracious and comfortable apartment, situated on the second floor of a beautiful 17th century building, looks out over a lively jumble of historic alleyways and piazzas. The interior is hospitable and relaxing, with walls revealing the sections of ancient brickwork and original coffered ceilings measuring over 5 metres in height; sober, elegant furnishings and a truly sumptuous bathroom complete the picture.


Giannutri island, Tuscany 6

A tastefully appointed and efficient seaside cottage with a sunny veranda/kitchen facing onto a wide terrace overlooking the sea, perfect for enjoying a meal, reading and sunbathing. With the sea only a few metres away, you’ll be taking in the salt air all day and night. Choose a quiet little inlet for yourself and listen to the roar of the waves and the babbling gulls, then dive into the clear deep azure with mask and snorkel to explore the colourful array of marine life.

Villa Sveva, a perch above the sea

Porto Santo Stefano, Tuscany 4

An enchanting apartment in a 1950s villa with a terrace that offers a breath-taking azure view of the Tuscan archipelago. Finely furnished, with floors in terracotta and hand-painted tiles, it is immersed in a large and fragrant Mediterranean garden of centuries-old olive trees, elms and pines that provide shade and delicious respite from the summer sun.
Every window offers a view of unmatched beauty.

The Villa Sveva cottage

Porto Santo Stefano, Tuscany 2

This lovely cottage on Monte Argentario on the Tuscan coast, is set in the heart of a garden shaded by a centuries-old olive grove and numerous other varieties of Mediterranean vegetation. The breath-taking view scans an azure sea dotted with the many islands of the Tuscan archipelago: Elba, Giglio, Montecristo and, on a clear windswept day, even Corsica.
By day, enjoy fresh sea breezes and shade, and every evening a different and spectacular sunset.

The dream of living in a Medici villa

Montevettolini, Tuscany 14

Imagine a special vacation with friends or family, or perhaps the best members of your team, or even a special day like a wedding or gala event, in this enchanting Medici villa


Montespertoli, Tuscany 15

A Tuscan manor house resting on a shady knoll among the hills of Chianti, not far from Florence. Enveloped by a garden, its wide arches and characteristic green-shuttered windows open to a spectacular view over the valley, while rustic, cosy interiors bespeak a much-loved home. Its many comfortable rooms, each with its own personality, are arranged under oak beams on two floors. The variously pitched rooftops are topped by a graceful little tower, a feature often seen on Tuscan country homes.

La baita tirolese

Ovindoli, Abruzzo 10

Un paradiso candido in inverno, fresco e verdissimo d’estate. Subito fuori dal paese, in cima a una collinetta erbosa con vista sulle montagne, una famiglia di montanari ha costruito questa baita deliziosa, curatissima e ospitale. L’hanno arredata pian piano, curando ogni dettaglio, con mobili, tappezzerie e oggetti artigianali portati dall’Alto Adige e ricordi di generazioni di sciatori ed escursionisti che l’hanno abitata.