Monteleone Sabino, Latium 6

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A large, 3-storey home built over a foundation of Roman baths that belonged to the ancient city of Trebula Mutuesca, which was built on three hilltops – one of which was ours – in the 3rd century BC. The Roman remains are visible in the walls of the house and around the garden (columns, capitals, cornices as well as an amazing cistern).

The space

The ground floor contains a large living room with an oak and stone hearth, with floors in handmade terracotta and high ceilings supported by chestnut beams; it is divided by two arches while a third frames a broad window facing onto the garden. The kitchen, with its thick walls, deep niches and vaulted ceiling, occupies a space (probably a section of the thermal baths) that once communicated with the Roman era cistern still in use in the garden. The floor above has three bedrooms furnished in antiques, a wide corridor and a small fireplace; large windows overlook the garden and the valley below.

Il Castellano is adjacent to La Torretta, since once upon a time, they were joined as parts of a monastery with a lookout tower overlooking the valley. Each of the two buildings, one large and one small, has an ample dedicated exterior area; they share an approximately one-hectare garden, a panoramic terrace, a fruit orchard, vineyard and vegetable garden, a pizza oven with barbeque and a small soccer field. The west side of the garden overlooks the valley, offering a sweeping view of vineyards, olive groves and walnut and oak woods, all the way to where distant mountains are set aflame at sundown. A variety of birds and small wild fauna (foxes, squirrels and moles) abound here, where farming has always been an ecological enterprise.

A place to relax and enjoy the supreme beauty of the Sabine countryside, but also an ideal starting point for a visit to Rome and other towns in the regions of Lazio and Umbria, such as Tivoli (the Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa), Orvieto and Spoleto. Lake Turano, wedged between the unspoiled mountains and forests of the Monte Navegna Natural Park, is only 15 km away and offers swimming, canoeing and sailing.

I’ll be there to welcome you and offer advice and suggestions for possible itineraries, restaurants and entertainment, and to help make your stay a truly unforgettable one.