“Welcome, my name is Giacomo, and I’m very pleased to meet you”.

My wife Mary and I live in Rome, where I was raised, went to school and eventually studied medicine while cultivating my many other passions: motorbike and bicycle trips, skiing and sailing, books and films, tinkering and gardening. I love travelling and discovering authentic places, meeting the people who live in them and sampling the local cuisine and culture. My greatest pleasure, though, is to invite friends into my home to cook for and entertain them.
That’s why I finally decided to make hospitality my chosen profession, and I have my own special approach: I choose only the homes in which I would truly have wanted to live.
Charming homes, tastefully furnished by their owners in captivating settings, where I personally welcome visitors from all over the world to make them feel at home.
These homes come to life with every new set of guests; animated and enriched by this diversity of voices and experiences they only grow more beautiful. Why not come and see?


“My name is Mary, and I’m looking forward to meeting you”

 I was born and raised in Rome, where I completed my classical studies and later went on to study medicine. I have many interests: literature and art, reading and cinema, going to exhibitions, exploring archaeological sites and historic places. I love to travel, discover other cultures and explore new horizons. I love to cook (especially desserts) and often arrange dinners at home for friends and family. I’m always in search of new recipes and taste sensations, and I enjoy discovering these while travelling.
I love my city of Rome with a passion, and I am happy to help reveal its infinite poetry and beauty to any willing visitor.